Organization Self-Image book

English translation of theory “OSI” that presented at the international level for the first time.

Organization Self-Image

In this book I have looked upon the topic of management from a different angle using the new findings in psychology and coming up with a psychological approach, which I glory in presenting for the first time under the new title of Organizational Self-image or the OSI, the title that involves a profound insight into the two issues of the human being and management, and to cut a long story short, one that describes how the organizations’ manpower’s self-images must be aimed and influenced if organizations’ self-images are to be optimized and their viability is to be ensured.
This book is published By BSIP cooperation With the “Atlas books company” on America and is distributed internationally In three forms “printed book”, ”” and “e.pdf”. Now, these products are being distributed and sold in different countries through various international sites, including Amazon.