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I just hooked up a Pioneer VSX 521 k receiver for my parents - which was an Xmas present for them about 2 years ago - they never hooked it up. 1 Channel HDMI 3D AV Receiver (Black) Recommended Retail Price For this Product is $499. 1 Channel 3D Receiver $243 ( save $54 ) Delivered, 2x $20 iTunes Cards $30 at JB. The problem is that I hear a hiss from the speakers. 4a, 3D Video Content Playback, Digital Core DSP Engine, Dolby True HD, Dolby Pro-Logic Pioneer VSX-521. To purchase VSX-521/VSX-521-K spares or Pioneer VSX-532 vs Pioneer VSX-531 AV receivers comparison side-by-side: which receiver is better for you considering specs and features? We spent dozens of hours researching and comparing VSX-531 vs VSX-532 for you to find the right one for your entertainment room. Key Features 5. initial setup screen to display on my tv and also I have my XBOX hooked up to the "Game" hdmi connection and can get video but no 1 day ago · Pioneer VSX-521-K -5. If you remove the top cover (side and back screws hold it on, then lift the back up, and pull up and out toward the back), you will see the top board. Audio/Video Multi-Channel Receiver. 4. Greetings. C $294. Number of HDMI inputs. So not only do you get the most out of your existing movies and music, with the VSX-521-K you're prepared for the next generation of 3D video content. 2, the AV receiver supports the latest video standards HDR. If The Problem Still Persists When Connecting Your HDMI Component Directly Audio/video multi-channel receiver. The Receiver is working fine with the Blu Ray player but when I try to use the STB, there is no signal reaching the Insignia LED TV. HDMI x 4 Component Video (Y, Pb, Pr) (Assignable) x 2 This is why a Pioneer 5. It's also the industry's first ever AV receiver Why people choose Pioneer. Now I thought maybe it was the FM tuner so I tried a different input, no dice. Shop with confidence. Display 13 pictures in Vsx 521 K Manual HD Photos Gallery PIONEER VSX-819H-K Audio Video Multi Channel Receiver HDMI Tested & Working - $65. The new '21 series consist of the VSX-521 ($249), VSX-821 ($349), VSX-921 ($449), and the VSX-1021. So not only do you get the most out of your existing movies and music, with the VSX-521 you're prepared for the next generation of 3D video content. is bringing more excitement into the home with the introduction of four new Pioneer branded 5. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. When there is still no improvement, resetting the unit to the status at the time of shipment may solve the problem. If HDMI is set to thru, the sound will be heard from the TV, not the receiver. Jan 30, 2015 The HDMI light was blinking on the receiver for every one of my video inputs. 4 Composite A/V Inputs D. Frugal film fans looking for a fine-sounding, 3D-compatible AV receiver are unlikely to be disappointed by Pioneer's VSX-521. I have a Pioneer VSX-321 that is connected via HDMI to a Playstation 3 and a Westinghouse . I removed HDMI from SAT/CABLE(DirectTV) no sound. VSX-521-K Receiver pdf manual download. Which probably won’t be often, because Here is Pioneers Lineup The 521 for $229 Edit: I can't subtract. 1 canais, Potência máxima de 150w x 5 a 6 Ohms, Novo desenho de amplificador Direct Energy My Pioneer AV Tuner Model No. I also lost a Panasonic DVD recorder in the robbery, which I replaced with a newer model, which then allowed me to make HDMI connections for everything! Pioneer VSX-524-K Audio and Video Component Offering 4 HDMI HDMI 2. The Direct TV box goes to HDMI 2 on the receiver and The receiver itself is connected to the TV via HDMI out 1 and goes into the HDMI 2 ARC input on the TV. nothing. 1 Home Theater Receiver, Glossy Black (Discontinued by Manufacturer) at Amazon. Pioneer’s signature This website serves for comparing prices regarding offers - not for direct sale or support. 1 and 7. PIONEER VSX-521 K HDMI Cinema Amp Receiver Dolby/DTS (5 speakers + 1Sub) Collection Only UNIT IS IN USED CONDITION but TESTED & WORKING. . You might have the latest TV and hottest gadgets but can you even hook them up to your receiver? Welcome the Pioneer VSX-1021-K A/V Home Receiver. 1080p-compatible HDMI With support for dual HDMI inputs (1080p compatible), the Pioneer VSX-918V-K provides the most advanced method of delivering high quality video signals to a home theater system to enable the reproduction of DVD and satellite TV sources with HD quality. Anyway, I've had all three for about three years now and have not had a single problem out of any of them; however, in the past 3-4 months, I've been having issues with the sound. Pioneer VSX 324-K-P 5. There was no power outage or surge. Pioneer VSX-521 Surround Sound Amplifiers - showing product details. 1-Channel 3D Ready AV Receiver /Amplifier. 1 and a Satellite 5. The VSX-531 supports 4K/60p/4:4:4 24-bit video signal transmission using HDCP 2. I have a brand new Pioneer VSX-521-K I have installed. Another responder here noted his HDMI connection was loose there. To purchase VSX-522 Pioneer VSX-521 5. Remarkable. Audio was clean, clear and focused. it's an entry level unit The Pioneer VSX-1020-K delivers amazing home theater performance in an elegant package. I've tried doing a factory reset- it says place unit in Standby mode. Hearing their voice helps us plan and implement improvements in future line-ups. I purchased a pioneer VSX-521 audio/video multi channel receiver  Dec 13, 2017 [Resetting Pioneer receiver]. You need to MANUALLY The direction I gave you earlier was for the video out. The VSX-521 uses the same design and power supply as last year's VSX-520, but it's been retuned by Pioneer's engineers in Kawasaki, with some success. . Pioneer audio video multi channel receiver VSX-521 HDMI. My Dish Network set top box is a Duo 322 (old school) with no HDMI output. Receptor de 5. I press Band on the panel, as instructed, and then press Standby/on. I press the Standby button to put it into standby mode. 1 Home Theater Receiver, Glossy Black - Newegg. My Pioneer pioneer vsx 521 was playing sound fine yesterday, through my Sony DVD player. The Pioneer VSX-521-K is Pioneer’s entry level receiver and comes with 5. Pioneer VSX-521 User Manual • Making cable connections, Hdmi cables, About hdmi • Pioneer Home Theater Systems. It will not recognize the tv, cable - Pioneer Vsx 519v-k 5. Now I can't get sound at all. 4K Ultra HD is the latest high-definition video display format, with four times the resolution of 1080p. I previously had Windows7 installed on the HTPC and everything worked, but since I'm a long time Linux user I'm not comfortable using Windows, so I decided to install Ubuntu 12. Ready for the next upgrade to your visual experience, Pioneer engineered the VSX-531 receiver to be compatible with the latest standards. The Pioneer VSX-9040TXH is a mid-priced 7. Design. Build and appearance are reasonable enough. Enjoy audio streaming from compatible devices with the built-in Bluetooth® Wireless Technology. C PIONEER VSX-521 K HDMI Read online or download PDF • Page 4 / 40 • Pioneer VSX-521 User Manual • Pioneer Home Theater Systems component with no HDMI terminal recorder and Pioneer Presents VSX-521, VSX-821, VSX-921 and VSX-1021 AV Receivers With today’s living room now a haven for advanced home theater entertainment, Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. worth buying Write a Review. 0 inputs, the VSX-524-K handles 4K2K Ultra HD video at 60 frames per seconds. These are mostly at the back of the top HDMI board on most Pioneer  Pioneer VSX-521-K Manual Online: Hdmi, Important Information Regarding The Hdmi Connection. Actually, it goes PS3 -> Receiver -> TV. This will get  Oct 14, 2014 My last pioneer especially if the hdmi does not work after the no power . Never any problem. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Pioneer VSX-521-K 5. Pioneer vsx 521 k has no sound at all pioneer audio pdf . Bekijk en download hier de handleiding van Pioneer VSX-521-K Versterker (pagina 38 van 40) (English). 00 ONO. As with all the new generation receivers this one also supports 3D video playback so it is are future proofed. As the Enterprise is devastated in the early minutes of the movie, the Pioneer VSX-531 easily reproduced the chaotic battle scene. Audio Video Multi Channel Receiver (2011-12) Video Connections: HDMI, component, composite. Pioneer VSX-521 Black Amplifie r HDMI 5. The VSX-821 is compatible with iPod, iPhone devices and are specifically designed to enhance the experience you get from them. Pause is random and not at same point each time. No audio - Pioneer VSX-522-K. Featuring 4 HDMI inputs and Ultra HD (4K/60p/4:4:4) pass-through with HDCP 2. You will see one HDMI cable going frontwards. We are having a problem with our Pioneer Audio/ video multi-channel reciever VSX-521-K unit, we are unable to view anything which is connected to it (no audio or visual). The Pioneer VSX-531 handled the dialogue like a champ. Use with PS3, Sony 46in LCD HDTV, Sony DVD multi player Pioneer VSX 1020 K 7 1 Home Theater Receiver Pioneer VSX-521-K Owner's Manual - Page 28. I own a Pioneer VSX 822 so I'm fairly familiar with the general layout. Audio Video Video Connections: HDMI, component, composite If you have any problems opening files please read the download FAQ. Large Speaker Terminals (Front L/R) VSX-521-K CONNECTIONS Rear Panel 5. 81; My Pioneer Receiver VSX-519V has a blinking HDMI light and won't show video. Share Audio/video receiver Write a Review Tip: Log in before writing a review multiple HDMI input. Whenever I go to that hdmi on the Roku TV, it says no signal. 1 Audio System Tech Specs. 2, MCACC automatic calibration, Advanced Sound Retriever, Bluetooth and USB. 4 Ok so to explain my setup, I'm using the HDMI port on the graphics card to connect the receiver (Pioneer vsx-521), another HDMI going from the receiver to the monitor. 1 Channel HDMI 3D AV Receiver with HD Audio and MCACC . Pioneer VSX-521-K Manual. 1-channel audio video receivers. Item information Find great deals on eBay for pioneer hdmi. Have checked CD/ DVD's which are not damaged. Pioneer VSX-321 . 1 home theater audio playback. Find great deals on eBay for pioneer receiver vsx 521. All of Pioneer's newest receivers support the latest HDMI 1. Very happy with this guy. 1 Channel AV Receiver 4 HDMI Inputs Full HDMI - Audio & Video in one Cable 3D Ready Dolby True HD DTS Master Audio Have a good day all The VSX-926-K converts analog video signals to HDMI and scales both analog and digital signals up to 1080p resolution to best match your TV’s capabilities. In this video: Joe gives us a tour of all the new features in the Pioneer VSX-1021-K A/V Receiver. Other features include 4 HDMI 1. Pioneer's Precision Quartz Lock System (PQLS) was developed as a solution to this problem. Receiver See more like this Pioneer Elite VSX-82TXS THX 7. Ook voor ondersteuning en handleiding per email. 2, the AV receiver supports the latest video standards I have a sat receiver and a ps4 connected to it via HDMI. pioneer vsx-521 troubleshooting. The Pioneer VSX-521 has all the quality you'd expect from Pioneer and now has a great range of extra features to make it even more appealing. Star Trek Beyond was also no match for the 531 as it easily matched the on screen action sound for sound. VSX-521. The HDMI output is connected to a Pioneer VSX-527 amp which in turn is connected via HDMI to my Samsung HDTV. And it has done this with ample power in reserve, and astonishing fidelity. My cousin has always like Pioneer receivers and I have heard good opinions on the subject. Offering 4 HDMI HDMI 2. com. Skew that into a home cinema context and that correlation isn’t necessarily as straightforward – you don’t need to spend much to get a fair bit of muscle, as the entry-level 5. I'm hooking up a ps4 via HDMI. The Pioneer VSX-522-K is a great 5. This receiver is ready to take on all your latest tech purchases from HDMI 1. To my astonishment, the VSX-521 has replaced my old Carver, and one of the Carver power-amps. VSX-521-K. The key to the new VSX521's appeal is in its flexible HDMI sockets. VSX-523-K, will pause briefly during a playback of a CD or DVD from a component player. These are mostly at the back of the top HDMI board on most Pioneer units. 1-channel A/V Receiver, delivering home theater performance at a budget price of $349. A Blu-ray player will soon be added also. Operating Instructions Mode d'emploi Manual de instrucciones. Free shipping on selected items. 10. 99 Pioneer AV Surround Receivers VSX-521-K Operating Instruction : Bookmarks and Contents, for online reading and free download. All prices listed include VAT, ARF (Advance Recycling Fee) and SUISA royalty plus any shipment costs arising. com Full Pioneer VSX-521-K specifications. See more like this PIONEER VSX-1014 AMPLIFIER AUDIO VIDEO MULTI PIONEER VSX-521 K HDMI ARC 3D 5. With 4 HDMI inputs, you've got plenty of connectivity options for the growing number of high-definition sources available. 0. The problem I have is that DVDs in 5. Component players were moved across from an older AV Receiver, and prior to this worked without problem. There are other 2 HDMI ports available on the receiver for DVD and DVR/bdr however when I plug the ps4 and the sat receiver into these ports I get no audio. 1 Speaker Set Selling for $475. The brushed aluminum finish makes this home theater receiver resemble a more premium All of Pioneer's newest receivers support the latest HDMI 1. PQLS processes D/A conversion using the high-precision crystal oscillator clock instead of the I am trying to run my STB through my Pioneer Receiver using HDMI connections and it is not working properly. I have a HTPC with an IntelHD 4000 chip. Jul 23, 2015 Connect another HDMI cable from the TV OUT of the AV receiver to the There is no sound when connected to an Audio Video (A/V) receiver. 5. Recently my Pioneer VSX-323 decided to stop playing Audio the correct input - so if you are hooking the Hummy up to HDMI for video, but an  Not only do you get the most out of existing movies and music, with the VSX-522- K you're prepared for the new generation of 3D video content. 3 Assignable Digital Inputs F. The VSX-521 AV Receiver brings you the basics of HD home cinema, with the option to intelligently adjust the sound according to the position of your speakers using MCACC. 4 inputs/outputs for 5. Have minimal cable as the system was wired into the wall and the speakers connected directly in to the wall jacks. Pioneer VSX-521 650W 5. Shop eBay for great deals on Pioneer TV, Video & Home Audio Electronics. Read the full Pioneer VSX-522-K review. Problem: - The TV is getting "No Signal" from the HDMI coming from the receiver -- so no video is displayed. Owner's Manual - Page 4. 1 channel receiver, 150w x 5 to 6 Ohms maximum power, New design of Direct Energy amplifier - Pioneer VSX-1019AHK - Sony Blu-ray player, currently plugged in via HDMI to BD port - Cable box, currently plugged in via HDMI to HDMI 1 - 42LGX LG TV, currently plugged in via HDMI to the HDMI out monitor port. 00 as of September 2012. But the Pioneer VSX-521 provides all the basics: four HDMI inputs, a smattering of digital audio connections for connecting a set-top box or TV (one coaxial and two optical), automatic speaker calibration, and the ability to decode high-def Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio soundtracks. No Picture Or Sound. Pioneer VSX-521-K - 5. 00 5 channels, with 130W each 3D-ready 3 HDMI inputs Dolby TrueHD and HTD HD support The VSX-520 is one of three 5. If capitalism has shown us anything, it’s that money is power. This required an additional connection from the component or composite output on the AVR to a corresponding input on the TV; I used a component connection. With clean, compelling lines, the VSX-521 has been streamlined to look as elegant, modern and state-of-the-art as the technology inside. Delivering a Used this receiver one day, the next it was dead. 1 Audio System Amplifier Tech Specs. Get Pioneer VSX-521-K manuals and user guides. You'll find new or used products in Pioneer TV, Video & Home Audio Electronics on eBay. 1-channel AV receiver that is value for money despite its lack of network connectivity options and bluetooth support. 4a 3-D Pioneer VSX-521-K 5. 1 sound - only stereo. I had a Sony for almost 20 years that I replaced. • When the video signal from the HDMI is Find great deals on eBay for pioneer hdmi and pioneer hdmi receiver. This gloss-black beauty is remarkably sophisticated, remarkably flexible, and remarkably easy to setup, thanks to an amazing auto calibration function called Advanced MCACC. Comments. 4K Ultra HD is Pioneer Vsx 521 Manual Pioneer VSX-521-K Owner's Manual - Page 38. 1 signal are not outputting in 5. I really loved it, but when it went out it went out. book15 ページ2013年5月20日 月曜日 午後1時59分2Connecting your equipmentConnecting your component with no HDMIterminalThis diagram shows connections of a TV and DVD player (orother playback component) with no HDMI terminal to thereceiver. Very Nice Unit - shipping to the lower 48 153437123462 It's a pioneer vsx 552 receiver. Each successive year, we conduct intensive satisfaction research among Pioneer customers. VSX-5231. The noise seems to be generated from the computer, if I unplug the HDMI the hiss goes away. to clarify for people, nearly all manufacturers give these bogus wattages. 2 technology ii, ensuring you always have access to the many upcoming 4K UltraHD sources and televisions with HDR. UPC - 884938133043. Details about Pioneer VSX-521-K - 5. 3d kräver 1. A. With 4 HDMI  Oct 25, 2011 But the Pioneer VSX-521 provides all the basics: four HDMI inputs, a smattering It does have a slight problem though: its closest rival, Sony's  Pioneer VSX-521. 1-Channel Home Theater Receiver is essential for the young person on the go. pioneer vsx-521 subwoofer not workingpioneer vsx 321. Pioneer VSX-521-K 5. 1-channel receiver with 5x130 Watt, 4 HDMI ports, HDCP 2. That's the word that best describes the THX Select2 approved Pioneer Elite VSX-74TXVi AV receiver ($1500). a large soundstage with great cohesion. The Pioneer VSX-523-K is no exception and it even has the same remote control design. 1 channels of output. Pioneer VSX-523-K . 1 Home Theater Receiver, Glossy Black The Pioneer VSX-521 features a Bluetooth wireless audio option with 550 watts of high powered 5. Currently  The trick with the Pioneer is getting output from the hdmi to the TV input. It's $90 off: Add code EMCJJHH24 for $90 off = $139. I have my hdmi going out of my onboard hdmi video I am aiming to hook up my Pioneer VSX-1123-k with HDMI cables from my direct TV box to my my Samsung PN60F5500. REMOTE INCLUDED. 1-Channel A/V Receiver featuring HDMI® (3D, ARC) Connectivity, Dolby® TrueHD & DTS-HD® Master Audio and Bluetooth All of Pioneer's newest receivers support the latest HDMI 1. Do you get video on the screen and audio from the TV’s internal speakers Review Price: £249. RMS power (W): 600 (1kHz, 10%THD, 6 ohms) Pioneer has introduced the VSX-821 5. 1 channel AV receiver designed for a multi-channel, multi-room, home theater system. 00. 1 Home Theater question Equipped with the full repertoire of the latest audio and video standards, the VSX-933 introduced itself as the successor of our VSX-932. 1 Video Connections: HDMI, composite. Pioneer Presents VSX-521, VSX-821, VSX-921 and VSX-1021 AV Receivers With today’s living room now a haven for advanced home theater entertainment, Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. 1 Home Theater Receiver Purchased this to replace a similar Pioneer of lesser features in the $300 range. Home Audio & Video Amplifiers Surround Sound Amplifiers. we have reset it and nothing has been fixed. Pioneer VSX-521-K. HDMI A/V Repeater (4 in/1 out) B. 1Ch HDMI 1080p Amp Home Theater A/V Multi-Ch. 4a specification. Bluetooth Adapter Port E. GREAT HIGH QUALITY SOUNDING RECEIVER. ATV 4k and Pioneer VSX-521 = ARC-capable? to the television with an HDMI cable. Does CABLE have to be composite connection. Not required as I no longer have a cinema room. Reviews / AV receivers. The result is a faster and more exciting With the Pioneer VSX-821, it's the OSD (onscreen display), which is not displayed via HDMI, only the composite and component video outputs. Checked all the power components and they appear to be okay. Not only is there now an extra HDMI input, taking the total to four, but the sockets now also allow for 3D transmission and ARC. View and Download Pioneer VSX-521-K operating instructions manual online. Our most recent survey showed that the price / quality ratio of our AV receivers had the highest satisfaction score of all our product categories. I worked all buttons of face of receiver . Pioneer VSX-1020-K 7. Supporting pass-through for HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision signals, the receiver can be connected to compatible source devices and delivers premium content in high-class quality. All specifications made are without engagement. Pioneer VSX-521 details - Four HDMI inputs. Pioneer receiver vsx-523-k with HDMI has vider but no sound. I plugged everything in and ran their version of the auto-setup for surround sound/speaker spacing etc. Hi guys first post here , newbie to av receivers, just got my first av receiver pioneer vsx 521-k last week installed as manual instructed to my samsung 6000 series led tv, hooked up sony blue ray along with a media player all hdmi, and 5. To purchase VSX-521/VSX-521-K spares or Pioneer VSX-521. 1 speaker, that was the easy bit, at first i could not get any sound from the receiver until i noticed that all speakers were showing - 5 db this was after Ready for 3D All of Pioneer's newest receivers support the latest HDMI specification. Click to have a preview or download all PDF results related to Pioneer Vsx 521 K Has No Sound At All Pioneer Audio Pdf below. If its input power is 415W, even with a very generous efficiency of 80%, real output wouldn't exceed 332W, or 66W per channel. 2 Assignable Component Video Inputs C. Note• In order to listen to the audio from the TV that is connectedto Pioneer VSX-9040TXH. This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by Pioneer. Design isn’t exactly a huge deal when it comes to AV receivers so it is normal for newer models to have the same design as its predecessors. Pioneer VSX-521 Audio/Video Multi-Channel Receiver VSX-521-K Not only do you get the most out of your existing movies and music, with the VSX-521 With several HDMI inputs, you've got plenty of connectivity options for the growing  I have my tv connected to the input port on the pioneer vsx-521 sound system. VSX-531 The VSX-531 is an ideal centre piece for creating your own home cinema system. I tried a factory reset and now there is scrolling text saying “easy setup ideal  With Yes showing, press the Enter button to reset the entire receiver. The receiver OSD was not feeding out to the TV either. 1-Channel 3D Ready Audio / Video Receiver MY Reasons to love this Unit: Bluetooth, HDMI 1. 1 Good HDMI male to Mini HDMI VIDEO Cable For Pioneer I have a Pioneer VSX-321 that is connected via HDMI to a Playstation 3 and a Westinghouse flatscreen. We'll be taking a close look at the $549 VSX-1021 today. A Resolution Revolution HDMI 2. the difference between 60W and 120W is only 3db. It’ll work with HDMI, it's Bluetooth-ready with the optional adapter, it’s gonna let you hook up Blu-Ray players and televisions and CD players and even listen to the radio when you feel like it. It comes with support for all high resolution audio formats, plenty of inputs and outputs for all your devices and THX Select 2 Plus certification. 1-channel receivers at the lower end of Pioneer’s current Pioneer VSX-521 & Welling Trieste 6. Find great deals on eBay for pioneer vsx s and marantz nr. the back of the unit says 415W. Great system. There is no display and not responding to the remote or switch. HDMI receiving chip's PLL performance and the video pixel clock, and can not avoid being regenerated with some jitter. Pioneer understands that extraordinary audio and video reproduction is merely the price of entry. in reality, i bet its a fair bit less than that, but that doesn't mean it's not enough. Thank you. Pioneer was quick to support Apple with their receivers and, in many cases, they are still very much ahead of the curve. I went ahead and pulled the good amp from the 521 and threw it in the 821, well everything LOOKS like it works, all relays click on that should, functions all work, but I get no sound at all from any channels on the speaker outputs. I tried using RCA cable from 322 to the VSX-521-K and get audio but no video! View and Download Pioneer VSX-521-K quick start manual online. Getting power to the unit, but not going through the transformer on the power supply VSX-523_UCSMXCN_En_New. Long story short, I bought a Pioneer VSX-521-k. VSX-523. Pioneer VSX-521-K เครื่องเสียง 5. It provides an exciting listening experience, with more polish than Pioneer HDMI AV Receiver Amplifier Tuner Stereo Surround Audio VSX-521-K 12 product ratings - Pioneer VSX-521 Audio/Video Multi-Channel Receiver VSX-521-K Dolby Thanks ssddx, Pioneer Rocks ! by the way i was stuck in something and i wasn't able to get through, i hope you can get me out The VSX 521 K has a Pre-Out Subwoofer Connector, as far as i know Pre-Out means that the output power isn't amplified, and i need to have an active subwoofer system to amplify the output signal in order to hear anything from the woofer Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K 7. Support and online pdf manuals for Pioneer VSX-521-K. 1-channel Pioneer VSX-531 proves. I have them plugged in the video port and the bd port respectively and they work fine. The VSX-531 is an ideal centre piece for creating your own home cinema system. 07 Control with HDMI function Chapter 7: Control with HDMI function Synchronized operations below with a Control with HDMIcompatible Pioneer TV or Blu-ray. 1 Channel HDMI Audio/Video Multi-Channel Receiver Pre-Owned VSX-521-K. pioneer vsx 521 no video hdmi